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Kimber King & Jodi Stott From Real WAHMS Radio – August 5, 2011

This week on ACES Radio Live our guests are going to be Kimber King & Jodi Stott from Real WAHMs Radio.

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So, who are Kimber King and Jodi Stott…
Jodi and Kimber met each other briefly in 2003 through a company that they had each partnered with in 2002-2003.

Because they were not on the same team, financially linked and lived nearly an hour away from each other, their connection wasn’t exactly immediate. Jodi likes to say that they both “sized each other up” for the first couple of years and then they kept a close eye on each other… with a competitive spirit, but Kimber whole heartedly disagrees. She thought Jodi was adorable and wanted to be just like her. ( LOL)

Anyway, the truth was that their future connection was going to be one that would change and impact both of their lives and they were in store for a great journey together that God had planned for them!

In 2006, finally, they were pretty much forced to face each other at a rather intense training event and somehow, they both got over their “egos” and their bond was instantly created and the rest is history! (This training event not only allowed both of them to create this connection together but the skills they learned would help them create freedom, financially, emotionally and spiritually and then build a 6 figure income and million dollar sales organizations. Jodi and Kimber, from that day forward, came together united as work at home moms in their company and in this industry. The became very dedicated to helping others who were like them…just ordinary mommies who loved their children and craved for other women to have the freedom that they had been given.

Both Jodi and Kimber, working together and applying the skills they learned from this training and their experience in the industry, created these 6 figure incomes and million dollar sales organizations while collaborating with each other and merging their teams together with a spirit of unity while still honoring the diversity within both their groups.

The two teams, under the direction and help of a few other leaders, created the Start Serious Team. Start Serious’ main values were not only to create teams that were earning great incomes, but also living a “God-centered”, “Family Focused”, “debt-free”, “charity driven” life!

They ran from creating teams based on “hype,” materialism and promises of “instant income” but sowed into their teams a spirit of excellence, focus on a balanced family/work life and not sacrificing it, working smart and not hard and also giving the glory to God first and foremost for all of it!

Although their paths in this industry may not always be exactly the same as Jodi continues to direct the “Start Serious Team” and Kimber has now started “Our Destiny Team”, they have continued to support and encourage each other towards their destinies that are in store for both of their families in this industry.

They do not believe in competition in this industry as they believe there are many great companies and products out there that people can prosper in.

The key is to find the one you are passionate about, increase your skill-set, take immediate action and you can do it too!

They have learned from many other successful women and men in this industry in many companies and honor and respect the path and teams that they have created. They were part of a year long, intense Mentorship program with other 6 & 7 figure income earners and developed strong relationships and friendships with many of them and continue to support them in their efforts to change this industry, collectively together!

Jodi and Kimber are living proof that you don’t have to be on the same team or company to help lift up other Wahms in this industry! They are very serious about helping Wahms show the rest of the moms out there that there is another way–working a home is a REAL viable option for many!

Their passion is to help Wahms out there that may not have a great support team or leadership for whatever reason in their own teams or companies.

They look for the Wahm “orphans” with the intention of just helping and encouraging them right where they are and to “prosper where they are planted.”

All of us in this industry, have a responsibility to lift up this industry and not be like many that are competitive and interested in tearing down other teams and incomes by cross-sponsoring/raiding from other companies (that is really what gives our industry such a bad name and taste for others).

We are honored to have Kimber and Jodi able to invest some of their very valuable time with us to be our guest on the show this week.

Please feel free to call in and be a part of the show if you have a question for our guest by calling the number below

(347) 843-4270

You can listen live or catch the archive of the show with this link: CLICK HERE—> http://bit.ly/oMBhwb

To learn more about any of our fantastic guests please feel free to contact Troy or myself directly.

Remember, success is a choice—here’s to yours.

Warm Regards and God Bless,
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