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John Milton Fogg – April 8, 2011

This week on ACES Radio Live our guest is going to be our friend John Milton Fogg… Author, Editor, Mentor and Visionary.

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So, what is John Milton Fogg up to now…
The following information is copied directly from his new website http://TheGreatestNetworkers.com

I’m Taking On “Napoleon Hill”

Now, there’s a brash bit of arrogance. Me, taking on Napoleon Hill. Absurd!

Randy Gage said it first.

“John Milton Fogg is the Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing.”

Art Jonak and others have echoed that assessment over the years. And until now, I’ve rejected the idea out-of-hand (and heart and mind). The comparison embarrassed me: I.e.; I felt “awkward, self-conscious, and ashamed.”

Remember how score’s-of-millions negatively reacted to John Lennon’s remark, “The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.” That’s what Gage’s statement felt like for me. (Good to know that 40 years later the Vatican formally forgave Lennon.) Fogg as Napoleon Hill was beyond audacious. I idolized Dr. Hill and his life’s work and did & do not consider myself in the same league as the great man by a very, very long shot.

Napoleon Hill had spent 20 years interviewing the leading business men (sadly, it was the early 1900s and no women were on the list), industrialists, inventors, judges, lawyers, politicians, presidents, scientists; the likes of Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Clarence Darrow, F. W. Woolworth, Luther Burbank, Alexander Graham Bell and the roll call of great men & minds and their achievements rolls on.

The result was the 1928 landmark collection Hill claimed was, “Teaching, for the First Time in the History of the World, the True Philosophy upon which all Personal Success is Built,” The Laws of Success, which in a little less than 10 years would evolve into his all-time classic, Think And Grow Rich. (And by the way, that link is live and will take you to a page where you can download Dr. Hill’s classic 1937 edition & 4 pages of his best quotes.)

So, I trust you can imagine my discomfort at being compared to such an extraordinary man. Dr. Hill has positively and powerfully impacted the lives of 10′s of millions of men and women around the world— and continues to do so today. That’s a mantle I could not imagine trying on, much less wearing.

I’ve learned that ALL things in life come down to one of those rare absolutes:

You always have a choice.

Deal is: Are you willing & able?
Truth is: We are almost always (as in 99.979 percent of the time) able. So the real issue is: Are you willing?

Am I willing to take on being “The Napoleon Hill of Network Marketing?”

My most thoughtful & honest answer, now, is, “Yes.”

Setting my embarrassments aside— realizing those thoughts & feelings are all and only fears from the stories I tell myself about what I cannot do and why— I realize that for 20 years, like Dr. Hill, I have been interviewing the greatest men and women, hearts, minds and achievers in Network Marketing. I’ve learned their “stories,” their struggles and what they did to overcome them. How they first got involved… their “Why” in the beginning and how’s that’s changed over-time with their achievements and trendous success.

I know what it was like for them in the beginning. What they did that did and didn’t work. The actions they took. The tools they used and created.

I’ve learned what skills they developed and practiced to become great. What it really takes to become a leader at the top positions of many different companies. What their values are— the ones they came with and those they developed through being in this business— that they believe made them successful. And what they think is the very best thing about Network Marketing.

Over the years there’s been a critique aimed at me: “Don’t listen to John Fogg. He’s never built a big MLM business.” True. I never have— and I’ve never claimed to.

But have you ever heard or can you even remotely imagine someone saying, “Don’t listen to Napoleon Hill. He never built a big business”?

Ridiculous, of course. As is “Don’t listen to Fogg.”

Napoleon Hill was NOT Henry Ford, John D. Rockafeller or Theodore Roosevelt.

I am NOT Jimmy Smith, Richard Brooke, Donna Johnson, Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Jordan Adler, Margie Aliprandi, Sandy Eleberg, Kenn Dunn, Dr. Sven Goebel, John Haremza, Beth Jacobs, Frank Keefer, Jimmy Kossert, Warren Nelson, Orjan Sale, Carolyn Wightman, Lynn Allen-Johnson, Art Burleigh or Donna Imson.

I AM the guy who’s brought them together in one place and dug down into where they’ve come from and what they’ve done to make them The Greatest Networkers in the World.

The Greatest Networkers in the World book will be the most extraordinary collection of Network Marketing talent, knowledge and been-there, done & still doing that actual experience ever gathered together in one place and space before. It will…

Inform, Involve & Inspire you!

I say, The Greatest Networkers in the World will be as valuable and useful for a Network Marketer as Think And Grow Rich.

Please let me know what you think of D. All the above.

I appreciate you.


As always, we are honored to have John as our guest on the show this week.

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Remember, success is a choice—here’s to yours.

Warm Regards and God Bless,
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