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Jim Gillhouse on Leadership – April 1, 2011

This week on ACES Radio Live Troy Dooly and I are going to be reviewing the subject of “Leadership vs Management and this could very easily turn into a full blown Rant.

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So, who is Jim Gillhouse…
Here is what it says on his About Jim Tab on his personal website.
Jim Gillhouse is a man who can fit into virtually any crowd. He is a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend, Aviator, Instructor, Athlete, Coach, Recruiter, Trainer, Sponsor, Mentor, Entrepreneur Author and Radio Personality.

Jim is a man that believes in the American Dream and the pursuit of Life, Love, Happiness and Prosperity.

Jim Gillhouse attended Junior High and High School in Longview Washington and was a very shy young man… way back when. (To meet him today you’d never guess that Jim was ever shy) Jim moved to San Diego California in 1977 where he started to attend College at Mira Mesa Junior College. In March of 1978, Jim enlisted in the US Army and began his military career. Jim spent over twenty years in the US Army and had a fairly successful career before he retired in September of 1998 as a CW4. In the two plus decades that Jim spent in the military he learned some very important leadership lessons that helped to shape the person that he is today.

There’s something about being in the military and experiencing the heat of combat that leaves a lifelong impression on a person. Take that a step further and realize that the majority of Jim’s career was spent as an Army Aviator, in a segment of the military that tends to eat their young for breakfast. Army Aviators learn very quickly that there is very little room in their profession for unprofessional, non-team players.

On the other hand we get to fly around with our hair on fire, have a lot of fun, meet tons of great people and get paid to do it all.

Not a Bad Life for the most part… and most Type “A” Adrenalin Junkies would probably say; that sounds like a lot of FUN.

In November of 1997 Jim discovered an even better life.

A life called … “A Self Directed Life.”

A life made Possible by a fantastic business opportunity called Network Marketing.

Since becoming a part of the Network Marketing Industry Jim has helped literally hundreds if not thousands of people to make their dreams come true as the result of his unrelenting commitment and dedication to helping others to help the ones they love.

Jim has also been the star of a video production titled… “They Lied About Your Future” and he is one of the 52 contributing authors of the Book complied by John Milton Fogg titled “It’s Time… for Network Marketing” He has been a featured weekly guest speaker on the Home Based Business Radio Show which is hosted by his good friend Tom Chenault. Jim is also the founder and host of “ACES Radio Live” broadcast every Friday evening from 5 – 6 PM Central.  Most recently Jim has been asked to become one of the contributing authors of “The Network Marketing Magazine” founded by George Madiou.

At Jim’s last speaking engagement this is how he was introduced to the audience…

“Our next guest has been molding, shaping and training young Army aviators in the art of safely crash landing their helicopters in any emergency situation in order to empower them to be able to walk away without a scratch and how to successfully navigate the perils of the modern day battlefield so that they can come home safely and tell “War Stories” about their adventures.

He’s been teaching them to defend our counter and our way of life for over thirty years now.

When he’s not training our young Army aviators, he’s helping people to discover and build their dream life in the Home Based Business Industry.

Oh yeah, and, he’s also a talk radio host, not to mention all the other stuff he does… I don’t know if this guy ever sleeps.

Please give it up for an American Patriot and Servant Leader… Jim Gillhouse”

Jim currently resides in the humble little town of Enterprise Alabama with his wife Annette, two of their five children, and one of his four grandchildren where he enjoys the luxury of still being able to train our young Army Aviators how to fly helicopters … that is, when he’s not teaching and assisting others how they can become the CEO of their own lives.

It has been said that behind every Great Man stands an even Greater Woman.

Jim believes this to be true, from the perspective that a man’s wife is the only person in the world, from whom he ever truly needs approval.  (aside from the lord of course)

Remember that a Frustration Shared is a Frustration Divided and a Victory Shared is a Victory Doubled!

What’s more, is that in the case of Jim and Annette Gillhouse – they will both tell you that it’s not about who’s standing behind you but rather who’s standing beside you that really counts and that’s why they’re a team dedicated to helping others to make their dreams come true.

Have a Blessed Day

I’m honored to have the privilege to work with my good friend Troy Dooly and have his support every week on the show.

Please feel free to call in and be a part of the show if you have a question for our guest by calling the number below

(347) 843-4270

You can listen live or catch the archive of the show with this link:

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To learn more about any of our fantastic guests please feel free to contact Troy or myself directly.

Remember, success is a choice—here’s to yours.

Warm Regards and God Bless,
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One Response to “Jim Gillhouse on Leadership – April 1, 2011”

  1. Tom HauptNo Gravatar says:

    Jim- GREAT show. I love your enthusiasm and passion for your perspective of Leadership!! If people do not take a STAND for something, people will fall for anything!
    Tom Haupt recently posted..Taken Any Risks Lately

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